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E-MU 1010 PCIe

E-MU 1010 PCIe
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E-MU 1010 PCIe



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Out of stock

  • Production Tools Software Bundle

  • Allows E-MU 1616/1616M CardBus Digital Audio Systems card owners who want to use their 1616/1616M MicroDock with their desktop PC


1010 PCIe Card allows E-MU 1616/1616M CardBus Digital Audio Systems card owners who want to use their 1616/1616M MicroDock with their desktop PC. It also allows current v2 1010 PCI card owners to upgrade to use modern motherboards with newer PCIe slots. The 1010 PCIe Card features the same powerful E-DSP chipset as E-MU's CardBus Digital Audio Systems, offering an integrated 32-bit effects processor with over 28 effects plug-ins (with over 600 presets) as well as hardware mixing and zero-latency monitoring. Standalone, the 1010 PCIe Card offers ADAT and S/PDIF connectivity as well as letting you build the ultimate hybrid studio/mobile recording solution by connecting to the MicroDock's studio-grade I/O.By using a compact one lane PCI Express interface, E-MU's new 1010 PCIe cards have the high speed necessary for multi-channel audio transfer, compatibility with new high speed Windows PC motherboards, while allowing full compatibility with 1, 4, 8 and 16 lane PCI Express slots. The Digital Audio System 1010 PCIe card includes PatchMix v2.2 and drivers that are compatible with Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP and XP x64. The hardware is PCIe base specification 1.1 compliant and has been extensively tested to ensure mutual compatibility and interoperability with a wide variety of motherboards.Also included with the 1010 PCIe card is a new Vista-compatible version of E-MU's powerful Production Tools Software Bundle which is also included with all the new PCIe products, providing musicians with a host of powerful PC audio and MIDI applications - everything needed to create, record and edit music.Production Tools Software Bundle includes: Cakewalk SONAR LE 6.3, Steinberg Cubase 4 LE, Ableton Live Lite 6 E-MU Edition, IK Multimedia AmpliTube X-Gear, IK Multimedia T-RackS EQ (1616M only), Celemony Melodyne essential, Waldorf Attack, Waldorf D-Pole, Waldorf PPG Wave, SFX Machine LT, Creative EAX Advanced HD Alchemy (Vista only), E-MU Proteus VX.

Product Details
Product Length:5.43 inches
Product Width:1.38 inches
Product Height:8.03 inches
Product Weight:0.68 pounds
Package Length:9.4 inches
Package Width:6.8 inches
Package Height:3.9 inches
Package Weight:0.85 pounds
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Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.0 ( 7 customer reviews )
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4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent interface & software  Aug 22, 2010 By ncoak
Using the Emu 1010 PCIe as a standalone ADAT interface for my Apogee Rosetta 800, running Windows 7 64 bit. Works like a charm, don't need any other card - software routing is excellent. Highly recommended for an inexpensive ADAT interface.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

2i agree with D. Bloom  Jun 28, 2012 By Ronald Finnerty "ronf"
I don't know what happened to emu after creative bought them.
They went from an innovative synth and sampler hardware company that responded quickly to customer issues to a company making do-dad cards and boxes like creative made.
Now the sound quality is still pretty much there in the new cards, but the "bottom line" has caused them to abandon customers and product support. Many were told some cards would have windows 7 drivers instead the cards never functioned completely or at all in windows 7 64 bit. They are still in beta drivers on some cards. Tech support claimed the cards faulty when windows 7 didn't recognize them even though they worked fine under windows xp. It is obviously a driver issue. I mention all this because I have multiple Emu cards that drivers don't work under windows they gather dust. The 1010 lists vista NOT windows 7 so be careful with your purchase. I don't trust this emu anymore. There answer to my and others issues was "buy a new card"

4The Quality I Expected, But Drivers Need Improvement  Nov 03, 2011 By D Harvell
The E-mu 1010 card is nothing new to me. I've been using the PCI version for quite a few years, now. An upgrade to my studio controller PC forced me to upgrade my 1010 card to the PCIe version. I was only too happy to do so, because this card is a killer!

The first thing I noticed with the 1010 in the PCIe slot was that latency was reduced. Granted, not by much, but enough. The second thing I noticed was that I started getting the dreaded BSOD when opening my host program, Synapse-Audio's Orion. The BSOD error was due to an IRQ conflict - a conflict that I could not find, for the life of me. The fact that it started after installing the 1010 PCIe, I can deduce with an amount of certainty that this is the item that caused the issue. My thoughts on this is that the driver might need some updating.

Other than the apparent fight between the 1010 PCIe and the rest of my system, the performance of this card is top-notch. Especially, when used with the 1616m box. With the problem described considered, I still think that this item is an asset to my home studio. One that I have no reservations in recommending.

5By them while you can!  Jan 12, 2013 By Moss Parker "moss_parker"
E-mu had a hard time marketing these cards because it took them forever to get reliable 32- and 64-bit drivers working under Windows 7. Well, last year they introduced stable drivers and this card is enormous value for what you get. In my studio, all the audio is routed using ADAT Lightpipe. I mean everything (except one synth that connects in analog). This is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the next most inexpensive way to get fiber optic data into or out a computer. I have bought the one I'm reviewing as a spare! Since E-mu isn't making these any longer, you need to buy them while you can. This is a professional audio product and behaves accordingly.

5Everything it's supposed to do  Dec 03, 2010 By John Louis Mayer
This card does exactly what it's supposed to do, which means it allows me to connect my Emu 1616M to my desktop pc via a pci-e slot. I've had the 1616M for five years now, and I still feel that it's an awesome unit. In fact, now that I have some serious computing power, it sounds incredible. The new software bundle that includes Melodyne is a nice touch too. Couldn't be happier.

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